Is Protein Water A Game Changer In The Fitness Industry?

The world of fitness and nutrition is constantly evolving. Whether it’s post-workout protein chips, creatine pills, electrolyte chews, or pre-workout powders, the news is always abuzz with something new hitting the market. All about Protein Water just below.

Ask around and you will be sure to hear of a new sports supplement that just hit the market. One such product, which has captured the attention of many sports and fitness enthusiasts is water.

This innovative drink has captured the attention of fitness enthusiasts and athletes and claims to provide protein and hydration in one convenient package. You probably have heard rumors of it being a game-changer.

But, is protein water really a game changer in the fitness Industry? Let’s read on and find out.

Protein Water

What Is Protein Water?

Protein water is literally just that: water infused with protein. Protein water typically contains a variety of water, protein powder, and flavorings and has a low fat and calorie content compared to your typical protein shake.

The protein found in water can be sourced from casein, whey, or plant based protein.

The Benefits of Such A Water

No doubt, protein water offers a number of notable benefits for individuals seeking to improve their nutrition and general fitness. Some of the benefits of protein-infused water include:

Convenient Hydration

Are you in a hurry or simply don’t have time to mix up a protein shake or smoothie? Well, worry not as protein water provides convenient hydration. You can easily and conveniently get the much-needed protein boost by drinking water on the go.

Weight Management

As you probably already know, protein is a satiating nutrient. What this means is that it has the ability to make you feel fuller and more satisfied for prolonged periods of time. As such, it aids in weight management in the sense that it helps reduce overall calorie intake.

Muscle Recovery

Protein plays an integral role in the building of muscles, and repair, as well as speeding up the process of muscle recovery. Hydrolyzed water is instrumental in providing your body with the necessary nutrients to aid this very important process.

The amino acids that are contained in protein are instrumental in building muscles, reducing soreness after a workout, and speeding up the process of recovery.

Nutrient Dense

A variety of protein-infused water also contains a number of additional nutrients such as vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals. This in itself is instrumental in improving your overall nutrient intake and health.

How Does Water Compare To Other Protein Sources?

Without a doubt, water is an appealing and convenient option for any person out there seeking to boost their protein intake. But, how does it compare to other protein sources? Let us take a look at a few comparisons.

  1. Protein water vs protein bars: Protein bars are without a doubt, a popular health snack for individuals seeking to boost their protein intake. However, unlike water, protein bars are not as hydrating and can be high in calories.
  2. Protein water vs protein shakes: While both water and protein shakes are somewhat similar in the sense that they are both available in liquid form, protein shake has an upper hand in terms of the high protein content per serving and the fact that it can be customized in terms of its nutrient content and flavor.
  3. Protein water vs whole foods: It goes without saying that protein-infused water is indeed a convenient and quick option to boost your protein intake. However, you need to put it at the back of your mind that whole foods are and will always be the best source of nutrients. For instance, foods like eggs, lean meats, nuts, and seeds to mention a few can provide a wide range of nutrients in addition to protein.

How to Choose the Best Protein Water

When you set into the market to buy water, you will be spoilt for choice. There are indeed many protein options in the market. So how do you go about choosing the best water?

  1. Check the protein content: Before buying your protein-infused water, ensure that the protein content is sufficient to meet your needs. For instance, you should always go for water with a protein content of at least 10-15 grams per serving.
  2. Take into consideration the source of the protein: As earlier mentioned, water sources could be plant-based, casein, and whey, to mention a few. Ensure that the water you choose aligns with your dietary needs or restrictions.
  3. Look for additional nutrients: This is straightforward, right? Some waters contain a number of additional nutrients such as electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Ensure that the water you choose provides you with additional nutrients.


Protein water may not in all honesty be a total game changer in the fitness industry. However, we can’t run away from the fact that it’s an appealing and convenient option for individuals keen on staying hydrated and boosting their protein intake.

If you really want to try protein-infused water, we recommend that you only go for the highest quality with additional nutrients to meet your specific needs.

At Organic Village, we understand the importance of consuming high-quality water and that explains why we only sell protein water from organic protein sources.

Our goal is to ensure that you stay hydrated and that the protein water you buy from our eshop meets your nutrition and fitness goals!