Vegan Food Bangkok: Best vegan restaurants in Bangkok

Vegan food in Bangkok:

vegan food bangkokMore people in Bangkok are adopting plant-based diets. No matter the reason, whether to save the planet or personal health, the demand for vegan food in Bangkok is surging. Restaurants are catering to this demand, there is literally a new vegan food restaurant opening in Bangkok every two to three months. Almost every bts station in Sukhumvit has a vegan restaurant near it, there are so many small ones which are hidden in small soi corners.

We don’t want you to mistake the tone of this article as extremely optimistic and get disappointed, the truth is veganism is still very much a niche category but the rate at which it is trying to go mainstream has accelerated.

Research shows when 25% of a population changes, the remaining 75% follow very quickly. Although there is no exact statistic on vegans living in Thailand, In 2019, around eight percent of the total population in Thailand did not eat meat. 

All about Chiangmai

Chiangmai, a city located in northern Thailand has always been popular for vegan cuisine but Bangkok is slightly different. Chiangmai is the eco hub of Thailand and there are a lot of yoga studios, permaculture projects, natural dyeing workshops etc which happen there so veganism caught on very early in Chiangmai. 

Did you know that Chiangmai was rated as the best city in the world to be a vegan? Phuket came third on that list, the south of Thailand, particularly the islands have a lot of yoga related tourism so plant based food is very popular in that region. It was not until recently vegan restaurants started gaining popularity in Bangkok, maybe, we can see Bangkok on a global list of best vegan cities soon.

Recent studies have indicated that Bangkok residents are willing to shift from their normal foods and go to plant-based meats and vegan options.

In addition to the exclusive vegan restaurants and cafes, there are also many restaurants across Sukhumvit and other areas which may not be exclusively vegan but they are starting to offer some vegan food in their menus.

The concept of meat free mondays is slowly gaining attention in Bangkok. St.Andrews international school had introduced meat free mondays and there are other schools which are looking at the meat free monday concept. There is definitely a need for more awareness but it is happening slowly.

It is overwhelming for most people in Bangkok to establish where to get the best vegan food in Bangkok. We are making your decision easy for you by compiling a list of vegan restaurants in Bangkok which we highly recommend for anyone looking for vegan food in Bangkok. 

In this list, we will present delicacies that will make even meat fanatics want to try out. We must say that there is no better time to try vegan food in Bangkok. There is so much choice available now from vegan ice creams to nachos, almost every dish you like can be made without meat, egg or dairy. Plant-based meats which taste similar to meat have a key role in helping meat lovers switch to a plant-based  diet.

This is our list of best vegan restaurants in Bangkok:

This is a  list of best vegan restaurants and it does not include vegetarian restaurants. These are exclusively vegan. Kindly note that vegan and vegetarian are not the same. Vegetarians eat dairy and egg but vegans avoid any animal products. Below is a list of exclusively vegan restaurants which are the best in Bangkok.


Veganerie Concept:

vegan food bangkokVeganerie is undoubtedly one of the best vegan restaurants in Bangkok. They were one of the first restaurants to offer vegan food in Bangkok. They are in a few different locations across Bangkok. It was started by a family who themselves are passionate about veganism. They have a wide selection of dishes.

Veganerie offers a wide selection of all day breakfast items on their menu along with many lunch and dinner items. They have a lot of traditional Thai dishes and western dishes like burgers etc.

Their vegan red velvet cake is really tasty. Veganerie is a restaurant you must visit if you are a vegan traveling to Bangkok. Veganerie’s tagline is, “ Welcome to Veganerie, we are the ultimate vegan destination in Bangkok”.

Broccoli Revolution:

Broccoli revolution as the name suggests is a green revolution towards plant based eating. They are a Plant-Based eatery and cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar. Their goal is to achieve a balance by providing customers with healthier choices consisting of vegetables and fruits. 

Their vegetables are organic whenever possible and are locally grown. They have a diverse menu of delicious dishes from all over Thailand and abroad. Their menu offers dishes from Italy to South America,they also have dishes from Myanmar and Vietnam. They have a lot of Thai dishes too. When you go there, order their broccoli and quinoa charcoal burger, it  is very popular.

Come and join the Broccoli Revolution!

Vistro: A Vegan Bisrto:

They have one of the best vegan menus in Bangkok which ranges from comfort food to classics. They were awarded Thailand’s best Plant-Based restaurant by ‘Root The Future’ in 2020.

Their bistro is beautifully decorated from the moment you arrive at the entrance, up the stairs and into the restaurant on the 2nd floor.Vistro’s vegan dishes are an excellent blend of traditional Thai, Indian and European plant-based cuisine. Vistro is definitely one of the top rated vegan restaurants in Bangkok.

The Banana Warrior Cafe:

Positioned conveniently in Bangkok’s best malls, this is one of the best cafes for vegan food in Bangkok. The cafe offers a long list of impressive dishes, such as carrot salmon prepared with vegan cheese and enchilada. The chef behind the restaurant is very passionate about offering consumers with the best foods by infusing flavors that blend well. 

She started by preparing healthy desserts, and we checked most of them. We must say that they are all awesome and it is almost impossible to recommend one because they are all awesome. They include raspberries cakes, lemon cookies, and chocolate cakes, among others. 

To make your experience more enthralling, they have a special offer. On Saturdays, you get a free margarita after ordering a meal in the cafe. The vegan margarita is prepared with tequila and coconut cream: so yummy!

Golden State Vegan:

They are a Japanese California plant-based fusion

restaurant & bar which offer an amazing selection of vegan food in Bangkok.Their menu has an interesting range of vegan seafood. They are located conveniently on Ekamai soi 12.

From plant-based tuna to scallops, every item on their menu is a must try. Chef Eric was fascinated with seafood, after the realization that seafood is not always sustainable, he came up with the idea of making plants taste similar to seafood. 

He used the lockdown period to experiment with different organic and plant-based recipes and came up with his own unique menu which is so interesting and creative. The seafood burgers have such a unique texture and they are so yummy. 

The ambience of this vegan restaurant is perfect to relax . It is a wonderful restaurant to chill at the end of a busy day in Bangkok.If you’re looking for the coolest, trendiest, and slightly offbeat Bangkok restaurants to dine in, look no further.

Carrots : The Vegan Bistro:

This cafe offers some of the best vegan food in Bangkok. This cafe is at  Noble Ora on Sukhumvit soi 55. Checking at their menu, we found ourselves unable to pinpoint what to order because all the meals are awesome. Their meals are not just yummy but also filled with organics from Thailand.

Some of the organic local ingredients include veggies such as carrots and broccoli. So, it will be an excellent idea to commence your morning a superlight  Casablancan chickpea omelet packed meal. You could also opt to visit later for dinner/lunch and enjoy their butter chicken with rice and bread. Shakes and coffee are also in plenty, making the cafe the perfect place when having a meeting with friends.


So Vegan:

Are you one of those who feel veganism is too expensive? Well, it does not have to be. The prices are indeed low so you can select the right cafe, such as SO VEGAN. 

When we visited, we got means for as low as 60 THB per person. This means that their foods are similar to street foods and the ingredients are all vegan. Their menu has mostly traditional Thai style dishes ranging from pad thai to basil soy chicken. 

They are a vegan restaurant chain across Bangkok. They are located in different malls across Bangkok. You have a wide collection of delicacies, curries, and dry items to munch with rice. Their cafes also use a court model, where you can see the food and select what you prefer eating. 

Earthling Cafe:

Located in Ekamai, this restaurant is one of the new entrants into the vegan cafes and restaurants in Bangkok. The lead chef, Samantha, loves cooking so much and will spare no effort in ensuring every meal is organic and healthy. One of their favorites is the barbecue pulled pork burger made using mushrooms. The hot rose moon prepared using pistachio milk is also awesome. 

The cafe is also filled with greenery. This is why it has won the tag, “Bangkok’s most calming cafe and is an awesome place to relax and work when taking milk.

Sitting in this cafe feels like literally sitting in a  jungle, it is surrounded by hundreds of plants and their menu is filled with wholesome plant-based nutrition. When you visit this cafe, you must order the pulled pork style mushroom burger.

Kappra Cafe:

 This is a vegan restaurant and fabric studio. The ambience is particularly hip and artistic. It is located close to Ratchawong Pier, and the entire area is pretty cool.

The wall of the cafe is filled with art, making it the most instagrammable vegan cafe in Bangkok. On the food menu, they offer a range of flavorful and wellness-focused vegan dishes. Their acai bowls are named after their fabrics and every name of their dishes are artistic and creative just like their ambience.This is a must visit vegan cafe if you are in Bangkok.


Munchbox by Nidhi:

They are located at the entrance of Bambini villa mall. Their menu has an interesting range of fusion Indian food. Their vegan butter chicken is the best in Bangkok. You must try their version of the classic Indian samosas served in three flavors: potato, pad kra pao and plant -based lamb (mushrooms), it is served with mint chutney.

They also have a vegan version of traditional Indian paan. Their vegan butter chicken which uses mushroom based local plant-based meat is the best vegan butter chicken in Bangkok.This restaurant is a must visit for anyone looking for Indian food which is vegan.

Barefood Bangkok:

They are a deli and cafe producing a variety of plant-based nut cheeses plus preserved and fermented vegetables and fruits (amazing selection of vegan meal options like burgers, sushi rolls, hummus, and lasagna).  They are located near Ekkamai BTS on Sukhumvit 61.

Let Me Health You Thailand:

They are located on 170 Soi Charansanitwong 79, Bang Phlat( MRT Bang Phlat).Their cafe is Bangkok’s answer to anyone who loves Korean food but they want to avoid eating meat and dairy.This is the best vegan restaurant In Bangkok for Korean food. They offer a wide range of food which can be ordered to your hotel or home too. You can tell them your spice level and they will make it accordingly.

Their vegan lemon cheesecake aptly named ‘Sunrise in a jar’ is highly recommended, it is so yummy that you will definitely want to go back for more.

Canes Bangkok:

A list of the best vegan restaurants in Bangkok will be incomplete without adding Canes Bangkok. This is Bangkok’s best culinary lab and fine-dine restaurant. Make sure to book in advance because they are always busy. We were pleasantly shocked, surprised and impressed to see a fine-dine vegan menu. 

We absolutely loved their commitment to innovation and sustainability. This place will leave you mesmerized and will convince you that plant-based is the future.They offer 7-10 courses of  plant-based food experience with 5-6 pairing drinks, priced at 3,000-4,000 baht per person.

The abbreviation of CANES is cruelty-free, altruistic, niche, evolutionary and sustainable, they are all of this and much much more. 

Canes opened a casual dining restaurant recently which has a variety of dishes ranging from burgers to pad thai. You must order their dishes with plant-based egg yolk, it looks just like egg yolk. It is so interesting to see such a level of innovation in the plant-based cuisine space.

Let us know if your favorite vegan restaurant was included in our list. Looking for vegan restaurants near you?