Where to Buy Vegan Food Near Me

Every day, more people are crossing over to vegan diets / food. The interest reached an all-time high in 2020 as more people discovered that plant-based diets are crucial in strengthening their systems and fighting diseases, including COVID-19. But this is not the only reason why people are going for the vegan menu options in restaurants and at home. 

Some believe that it is an excellent way to advance the welfare of animals, while others are attracted by the potential health benefits. No matter the reason why you prefer vegan food, it is crucial to have a reliable store with high-quality supplies for every order. Keep reading to learn more about where to buy vegan food near me and the advantages to anticipate. 

A Brief Look at Vegan Foods 

Where to buy vegan food near meThe term “vegan” can be traced back to 1944 when a small group of people broke from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in England to create a new one, the Vegan Society. The name vegan was created by combining the first and last letters of “vegetarian.” So, what is vegan food?

This is a type of food/ food products, such as nuts, fruits, grains, and vegetables, which are derived from plants. It is free from animal-related products, such as eggs, products, and daily.

Vegans are guided by the philosophy that it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle by taking plant-based foods only or minimizing the use of animal products. 

While most people use the word “vegan” to refer exclusively to the diet, it now extends way beyond that . Today, people who identify with veganism are also looking forward to reducing cruelty to animals in all areas. They also want to reduce sustainability-related risks associated with farming animals for food.

As we are going to demonstrate shortly, the number of sellers of vegan foods is growing because of the rising demand.

Therefore, if you are wondering where to buy vegan food near me, the chances are that you are likely to easily get the food of interest. 

Common Types of Vegan Foods 

Where to buy vegan food near meWhen you search “where to buy vegan food near me,” the chances are that you have already decided on what to purchase. However, you will be surprised by the diversity of vegan foods or vegan items available in the cafe, website or store near you. Here are some of the common types of vegan foods: 

  • Vegan food for calcium and vitamin D supply: Green vegetables like broccoli, unsweetened soya, sesame seeds, and dried fruits.
  • Vegan sources of iron: Whole bread, cereals fortified with iron, nuts, and fruits like apricots and prunes. 
  • Vegan food for Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is used to strengthen the nervous system and maintain healthy blood. Vegan sources of this crucial nutrient include green vegetables, cereals, soya and Marmite.

Where to Buy Vegan Foods Near Me: The Main Options 

Where to buy vegan food near meThere are many options that you can turn to when making the decision of “where to buy vegan foods near me.” Here are the best three that you should consider: 

Online Stores 

Online shopping is the new way of life for many people, and vegans are no different. Instead of walking to a store downtown, you visit its website to place an order, and the food is delivered to your doorstep. It is easy, fast, and reliable.

Then, the order is delivered to your doorstep. 

Even with online stores, it is important to appreciate that sellers can be pretty many. Therefore, you have to carefully review the seller to confirm the commitment to selling quality products. So, visit the review section of the online seller to confirm that the previous clients were satisfied with the offered services. 

If they were not, perhaps because the products were of poor quality or service was not good, it would be good to walk away to avoid joining the list of dissatisfied clients. 

A good store should also have a wide range of products so that you can buy from the same seller. If you want some kale, bananas, and onions, the store should have all of them to reduce the need to place multiple orders with different stores. Know more about where can I buy organic food online, vegan food near me, So Vegan and where to buy vegan food near me.

Vegan Restaurants 

Online vegan stores are preferred when you want to purchase products and use your own recipes to prepare food at home. If you want ready-to-eat vegan food, the better option is to check into a vegan restaurant near you. The good thing with cafes is that the food is prepared by experienced chefs and you only need to check in. In most vegan cafes in Bangkok, you can get the best food such as mushrooms, plant-based meat, pizza and vegan burgers. 

For most people, vegan food restaurants like Ave are preferred when they are visiting the city or at work. These are times when they do not have time to prepare their meals or want to try something different. Indeed, most of the restaurants post their menus on websites and Instagram and it is easy to check in advance for free and decide what to take when touring Bangkok. 

Again, vegan cafes in Thailand are good meeting places. Whether you are simply touring the city or want to have a business meeting, it will be an excellent idea when enjoying vegan dishes. So, do you prefer vegan foods with organic cheese, cream or coffee?

Rest assured of getting them in the best vegan cafes.

Physical Stores That Deal with Vegan Food 

As we pointed out earlier, new physical stores are opening up every other day to cater to the growing demand for vegan food. Again, you need to check them carefully to be sure that they are selling high-quality vegan foods. 

Before you can make up your mind whether a specific store is the right place “where to buy vegan food near me,” compare what it is offering with other sellers in the neighborhood. It will also be an excellent idea to consider a store that is vegan owned because the owner subscribes to ideas of vegan lifestyle. Then, only consider their products if they are of higher quality. 


By Directly from Farmers 

If you live close to the farmlands, the farmers might be the best places where to buy vegan food near me. If they are not farming under contract with specific stores, most vegan farmers will be willing to sell you onions, lemons, and bananas, among other vegan food. Their prices might also be pretty low because they are the source of the food. 

 Where to Buy vegan Food Near Me: Important Things to Consider 

Where to buy vegan food near meAs you explore the best point where to buy vegan food near me, it is paramount to factor in the following three things: quality, price, and organic production. 

Before making up the decision to buy, make sure the products are organic. This means that they are produced without using chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers that can end up in the human body and cause trouble. Organic food production also helps to improve the sustainability of the natural systems. 

You should also only buy high-quality products. These are products grown using the best practices, such as rich soils and enough light exposure.

To know this, you might want to read through reviews or follow up with the seller to determine where the food is sourced from. 

The price of the products also comes in handy when determining where to buy. Although vegan food often costs higher than conventional products, you should compare different products and go for the one that delivers high value for money. You might also want to check the offers, such as free shipping or discounts, to keep the price low. 

This post has outlined the best places to buy vegan food near you. Remember to always factor in quality, organic production, and price. One of the best stores where to buy vegan food near me is Organic Village

 Organic Village works with farmers in Thailand and has a store in Bangkok where you can visit to buy. You can also use their website to order vegan food online. If you order products worth more than 1499 THB, the delivery is free. Visit  Organic Village to place your order.